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We are a small team of passionate designers who really love designing and curating gift boxes! 

The birth of Hello Joy came about through our shared passion of making people smile and generating positivity into the world! We figured that one way that we could help people spread joy would be through sending and receiving our selection of gift boxes! We curate gifts for all occasions with a main emphasis on functionality and design because we believe that gifts should be beautiful, but never at the expense of function! And that is truly what Hello Joy is about — curating gorgeous gifts that helps Malaysians spread joy and reconnect through the art of gifting.

Hence, the birth of Hello Joy! 🎈

We made a pledge to curate awesome gift boxes that are made up of the best items that we carefully sourced from around the world! From trekking the tea plantations in the island of Sumatra; to discovering the latest gizmos and gadgets from crazy inventors!

So join us today on our quest of spreading joy, and let’s make people smile one “hello” at a time!

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