Definitely! :3

We love curating personalised gifts, and we would be more than glad to curate gifts that best reflect your work, your branding, and your company! We are happy to send your client gifts either to you all at once, or directly to your clients with each booking. Hit us up with the details at!

Yes, we do! >u<

Gifting is one of the most meaningful ways to show appreciation, and we are happy to partner with businesses to create gifts for your employees, clients, suppliers and partners that they will be sure to love. We will work closely with you to create a custom gift that is perfect for your business and/or event. You can write to us at, and let’s start curating!

Sure thing! ^^

We would love to! Just let us know what’s on your mind 🙂

We would love to! 🙂

There will be a minimum spend amount of RM250 per specially customised gift box inclusive of styling and design fees, as well as sourcing and curating all items from scratch. Do reach out to us with more details!

Shipping is FREE for bulk purchase orders above 20 boxes within delivery in Klang Valley. 

For individual order, please refer to the shipping rate at checkout. 

All orders in large quantity will be handled and hand delivered by our delivery partners that have experience in handling delicate items. 

Absolutely! XD

However, due to the nature of shipping process which takes more than 2-5 working days and a possible risk of items going bad/falling apart (e.g.: Kuih, Cupcakes etc), only selected gifts can be delivered outside Klang Valley. 

Of course! :p

This arrangement can definitely be made.

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