5 Ways To Pamper Yourself
This International Women’s Day!

Why is International Women’s Day a celebrated occasion?

Since 1975, this special day has celebrated women globally who have made achievements, to raise awareness about women’s equality and to encourage women out there to create a positive change! 💪

Ladies, other than staying strong and breaking the bias culture among your workplace and society, you should also practise self-love at all times! Take some time off and celebrate by pampering yourself with activities that can help you relax.

The best gift can come from yourself too.😉 We’ve listed out a few ideas on how you can spoil yourself and your loved ones this special day. Let’s go!

1. Take a long nap

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That’s right! Napping is a part of self-pampering too. We all relax differently, and if you are someone who wakes up early in the morning to prepare those delicious lunch boxes for your kids or husband, this long nap would be a great way to restore your energy. You can also complete your beauty sleep or gift our Sleep Tight gift set to your loved ones or even new moms as it’ll help its recipients relax before falling into deep slumber.

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2. Have an afternoon tea party

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Call the girls up, dress up in your favourite dress, put on your makeup and head on over to that popular high-tea spot you’ve been seeing all over Instagram! Enjoy an elegant afternoon that’s prepared just for you. The ambience, amazing tray of desserts, and premium tea awaits! For those who prefer to unwind at home, have your very own tea party and invite the girls over to enjoy our Sweet Escape gift set together!

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3. Unwind and relax at a spa

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A visit to the spa is one of the best ways to calm your mind after a week or months of hard work and challenges. A good spa session not only helps keep your skin looking radiant but helps your overall mind and body to de-stress too. Say goodbye to dull skin and tension around your body! Don’t want to go out for a spa? Stay home and recreate your spa experience with our Pamper Me Silly gift set! If you have friends who are overworked and need a little relaxation, our gift set will be a perfect gift for them to unwind after a long week.

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4. Enjoy a movie night with your gal pal

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What better way to ease up on yourself than to invite your best friend over to your place for a movie night? Netflix movies are a staple for a movie night in, but you can also choose to binge watch that Korean drama that you’ve been saving for a while now! Also, your movie night is never complete without some yummy snacks. You’ll need our My Snack Bunnies gift set to share with your bestie. It’s filled with a variety of Malaysian snacks, and it comes with two adorable bunnies! One for each of you to keep.

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5. Boost your mood with retail therapy

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Retail therapy tends to lift our spirits after having a stressful day. But how does shopping actually make us feel happier? The positive energy comes from spending and getting what you’ve always wanted. It’s alright to splurge a little more than usual from time to time. You deserve to buy something nice as it’s a reminder of your achievements! While shopping, how about surprising your loved ones and celebrating their achievements too? Show your appreciation with our beautiful flower globe!

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We hope you’ve found an activity from our list that you’d like to try! Don’t forget to share this article with the rest of the strong ladies in your life. Rejuvenate, believe in yourself and get back out there creating more history! Happy International Women’s Day. 🌷

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