Ivy's Treat Basket
Ivy's Treat Basket

Ivy's Treat Basket

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It is the ideal gift basket for all occasions! Whether it's birthday celebrations or even as a get-well-soon gift, it's perfect for its recipient to bring on a picnic.


What’s in the gift? 

X1 Ruffles Potato Chips 180g
X1 Uncle Saba's Poppadoms 50g
X1 Mission chips 65g
X1 Amazin’Graze Nut Mix/Granola 30-40g
X1 Eureka popcorn 80g
X1 Kantin Lab chips 40g
X1 Twinings Earl Grey Tea 25s
X1 Starbucks Dark Roast Premium Instant coffee 90g
X1 Cadbury Dairy Bites Almond 50g
X1 Ferrero Rocher T3
X1 Customised Message Card
X1 Reusable Woven Basket with Lid


Note: This gift box does not include props used for the photoshoot. All photos have been edited and filtered; therefore, colour may vary slightly from the actual product. In the event that any one of the products is sold out, we will exchange it with another product that is equally awesome!